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Full Name Email Address Phone Number Organization Organization Code Position Title
Sun, Bomin bomin.sun@noaa.gov 301-817-4585 OPERATIONAL PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT BRANCH NESDIS/STAR/SMCD/OPDB Contractor
Sun, Chengbo chengbo.sun@noaa.gov 240-684-0957 BUDGET AND FINANCE BRANCH NESDIS/OSGS/RSD/BFB Contractor
Sun, Dezheng dezheng.sun@noaa.gov 303-497-6272 PHYSICAL SCIENCES DIVISION OAR/ESRL/PSD Associate
Sun, Fengying fengying.sun@noaa.gov 301-683-3499 PROGRAMS, ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY DIVISION NESDIS/OSGS/PETD Contractor
Sun, Frank frank.sun@noaa.gov 310-813-3315 GROUND SEGMENT DIVISION NESDIS/GOESPO/GSPD Contractor
Sun, Haibing haibing.sun@noaa.gov 301-683-3546 OPERATIONAL PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT BRANCH NESDIS/STAR/SMCD/OPDB Contractor
Sun, Jie jie.sun@noaa.gov 301-427-9200     IT Specialist
Sun, Junqiang junqiang.sun@noaa.gov 301-683-3338 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS AND CLIMATE BRANCH NESDIS/STAR/SOCD/MECB Contractor
Sun, Lantao lantao.sun@noaa.gov 303-497-4814 PHYSICAL SCIENCES DIVISION OAR/ESRL/PSD Associate
Sun, Leangchwan Charles Dr charles.sun@noaa.gov 3-017-133-4926 OCEANOGRAPHIC SCIENCE & DEVELOPMENT BRANCH NESDIS/NCEI/OGSSD/OSDB Oceanographer
Sun, Lijuan lijuan.sun@noaa.gov 301-713-3208 x102 CONTINUOUSLY OPERATING REFERENCE STATION BRANCH NOS/NGS/SRSD/CORSB Geodesist
Sun, Liqiang liqiang.sun@noaa.gov 828-257-3162 CLIMATIC SCIENCE & SERVICES DIVISION NESDIS/NCEI/CSSD Associate
Sun, Ninghai ninghai.sun@noaa.gov 301-683-1314 JOINT POLAR SATELLITE SYSTEMS OFFICE NESDIS/JPSSO Contractor
Sun, Ruiyu ruiyu.sun@noaa.gov 301-683-3787     Associate
Sun, Shan shan.sun@noaa.gov 303-497-6590 GLOBAL SYSTEMS DIVISION OAR/ESRL/GSD Associate
Sun, Yang-Yi yang-yi.sun@noaa.gov 303-497-4390 SPACE WEATHER SERVICES BRANCH NWS/SWPC/SWSB Contractor
Sundberg, Meagan Anne meagan.sundberg@noaa.gov 808-725-5379 FISHERIES RESEARCH & MONITORING DIVISION NMFS/PIFSC/FRMD Contractor
Sundee, Jerome jerome.sundee@noaa.gov 301-713-4763 TRANSITION AND SUSTAINMENT BRANCH NESDIS/OSGS/SED/TSB Contractor
Sunder , Sshyam sshyam.sunder@noaa.gov 301-713-9600 OFC OF CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER/HPCC SO/CIO Associate
Sundsten, Sara Alison sara.sundsten@noaa.gov 907-486-3298 ALASKA ENFORCEMENT DIVISION NMFS/OAA/AED  
Sunjaya, Dodi Suparman dodi.sunjaya@noaa.gov 301-817-4445 SUPPORT BRANCH NESDIS/OSPO/MOD/SB Contractor