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Our source for common user information such as phone and fax numbers, work address, room number and assigned manager comes from the NOAA White Pages (WP). If changes to your information is necessary, it can be made on or you can submit a request to update the WP to your local IT Help Desk, Primary Mail Admin or NSDesk (only if your LO/SO is supported by the OCIO Service Delivery Division Office (under CORPSRV)). NSD will capture these changes during our hourly sync with ICAM.

NOAA users will still be able to access and update the following within NSD: Emergency Notification System (ENS), Personal Professional Profile, CLC Report page, and the new Off-site Report page. We will continue the other features such as storing TDY information. Manager, Alternate and CBS roles will still be available but are limited to the above features.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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