***NEMS LDAP Services - Soft Shutdown Notification***
We've updated the Login Page in support of the discontinued NEMS LDAP authentication. For users who prefer to log in with your NOAA email account credentials, please click "Sign in with User ID". This will direct you to the ICAM LDAP login page. Please enter your username and password on this page. Once authenticated, you'll be redirected to the internal NOAA Staff Directory Search page. Thank you!

After August 19th, 2019, the NOAA Staff Directory Help Desk can be reached by email only at NOAA.StaffDirectory@noaa.gov. Our Help Desk number and Fax number will be permanently disconnected. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns. Thank you!

On July 23rd, 2019, the NOAA Staff Directory began receiving new staff information with @noaa.gov email addresses from ICAM every 15 minutes after the hour. Therefore, the Add Member functionality in NSD was disabled. Please contact your local IT Help Desk or Primary Mail Admin (PMA) to create a noaa.gov email account. During the scheduled sync from ICAM, the new account information will be added to NSD if the required conditions are met.

If you need to add staff from BIS, DOC, EDA, etc with a non-@noaa.gov email address, please contact the NOAA Staff Directory Help Desk for assistance. All other functionality within the NOAA Staff Directory will remain the same.

NOAA Staff Directory

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