CLC Skillsoft Access for NOAA Affiliates

Starting June 1, 2024, all NOAA affiliates will be provided with a Commerce Learning Center (CLC) account. This will give affiliates access to any NOAA required training such as the IT Cyber Security Awareness Challenge course.

For assistance with CLC access, there is a 24/7 Support icon on the CLC login page ( that will connect you with the 24/7 Support team which provides real time support for NOAA CLC users. You can also utilize the Need Help navigation bar dropdown in the CLC to access their support.

When an affiliate account is created in the CLC, by default, access to the Skillsoft-Percipio content is not provided. This also includes no access to the Skillsoft Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) courses. Note: There are additional per user license fees for the Skillsoft-Percipio and EHS libraries which are in addition to the CLC license fee.

If a NOAA federal manager determines that one or more of their affiliates requires access to the Skillsoft-Percipio content in order to perform their job duties AND a Skillsoft-Percipio license was purchased in advance by your line/staff office, then access may be granted. Please contact Natahyna Campbell (, NOAA CLC Administrator, for more information on giving an affiliate access to the Skillsoft-Percipio content.

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