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Full Name Email Address Phone Number Organization Organization Code Position Title
Crocker, James M james.m.crocker@noaa.gov 757-441-6322 SHIP THOMAS JEFFERSON OMAO/SHIP THOMAS JEFFERSON Commissioned Officer
Crocker, Julia E julie.crocker@noaa.gov 978-282-8480 PROTECTED RESOURCES DIVISION NMFS/NER/NERO/PRD Fishery Biologist
Crockett, Davey davey.crockett@noaa.gov 301-713-3176 OBSERVATION AND ANALYSIS DIVISION NOS/NGS/OAD Associate
Crockett, John Patrick john.crockett@noaa.gov 301-713-0224 x112 DECISION ASSISTANCE BRANCH NWS/OST/MDL/DAB Associate
Crockett, Michelle A michelle.a.crockett@noaa.gov 301-713-9882 x130 NOS - ASST ADM NOS/ASTADM National EEO and Diversity Programs Manager
Croft, Lisa K lisa.croft@noaa.gov 808-725-6223 NMFS - OFFICE OF ASST ADM NMFS/OAA Fishery Policy Analyst
Crofts, John A john.crofts@noaa.gov 757-441-6290 x106 OPERATIONS SECTION - ATLANTIC OMAO/MAOC/OS ATL Commissioned Officer
Crognale, Christopher A chris.crognale@noaa.gov 301-713-1968 x115 PRODUCT BRANCH G NOS/OCS/MCD/PBG Cartographer
Crokus, Bridget Elizabeth bridget.crokus@noaa.gov 301-427-8453 ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT INTERAGENCY COOPERATION DIVISION NMFS/OPR/ESAICD Contractor
Croll, Brittany Alaina brittany.croll@noaa.gov 301-427-8658 HABITAT RESTORATION DIVISION NMFS/OHC/HRD Contractor
Croll, Kenneth T Jr kenneth.croll@noaa.gov 508-823-2444 BOSTON WFO (TAUNTON) MASSACHUSETTS NWS/ER/WFO/BOSTON MA Electronic Technician
Cromell, Bruce A Jr bruce.cromell@noaa.gov 814-231-2428 CENTRAL PA WFO (STATE COLLEGE)PENNSYLVANIA NWS/ER/WFO/CENTRAL PA Electronics System Analyst (ESA)
Cromer, Kevin Duane kevin.cromer@noaa.gov 301-713-7681 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DIVISION OMAO/DS/IMD IT Specialist (Application Software)
Cromer, Steven W steven.cromer@noaa.gov 901-544-0399 x233 MEMPHIS WFO TENNESSEE NWS/SR/WFO/MEMPHIS TN IT Specialist
Cronce, Marcia R marcia.cronce@noaa.gov 262-965-5061 x286 MILWAUKEE WFO (SULLIVAN) WISCONSIN NWS/CR/WFO/MILWAUKEE WI Meteorologist, Journey
Crone, Paul Ray Jr paul.crone@noaa.gov 858-546-7069 FISHERIES RESOURCES DIVISION NMFS/SWFSC/FRD Research Fishery Biologist
Cronin, Meghan F. Dr meghan.f.cronin@noaa.gov 206-526-6449 PACIFIC MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY OAR/PMEL Oceanographer
Cronin, William K bill.cronin@noaa.gov 307-772-2468 x381 CHEYENNE WFO WYOMING NWS/CR/WFO/CHEYENNE WY Electronic Technician
Cronister, Millard J millard.cronister@noaa.gov 816-823-1057 x252 WEATHER SYSTEMS REPAIR BRANCH NWS/OOS/OD/WSRB Electronic Technician
Croom, Miles M miles.croom@noaa.gov 727-824-5301 SOUTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE NMFS/SER/SERO Deputy Regional Administrator, SERO
Cropper, Ketrich ketrick.cropper@noaa.gov 301-713-6328 ECOSYSTEMS CLIENT SERVICES DIVISION SO/WFMO/CSO/ECSD Human Resources Specialist
Crosbie, Keith Casey casey.crosbie@noaa.gov 317-247-2521 INDIANAPOLIS CWSU INDIANA NWS/CR/INDIANAPOLIS IN Meteorologist
Crosby, Beverly D beverly.crosby@noaa.gov 828-271-4237 NATIONAL CLIMATIC DATA CENTER NESDIS/NCDC Contractor
Crosby, Donald donald.crosby@noaa.gov 508-495-2037 RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS BRANCH NMFS/NEFSC/OMID/RCB Contractor
Crosby, Dylan J dylan.crosby@noaa.gov 562-980-4069 OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL USEC/GC Associate
Crosby, Ryan ryan.crosby@noaa.gov 301-427-8400 HABITAT RESTORATION DIVISION NMFS/OHC/HRD Contractor
Crosier, Edward edward.crosier@noaa.gov 301-713-9437 OFFICE OF EDUCATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT USEC/OED Contractor
Croskrey, Bonnie Jean bonnie.croskrey@noaa.gov 907-451-1265 FAIRBANKS COMMAND & DATA ACQUISITION STA NESDIS/OSPO/FCDAS Contractor
Crosland, David david.crosland@noaa.gov 301-817-4292 ENGINEERING BRANCH NESDIS/OSPO/MOD/EB Contractor
Cross, Austin E austin.cross@noaa.gov 831-656-1710 SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA WFO (MONTEREY) CA NWS/WR/WFO/MONTEREY CA Meteorologist Intern
Cross, Bathsheba Giddings bathsheba.cross@noaa.gov 301-628-1310 GRANTS MANAGEMENT DIVISION SO/AGO/GMD Contractor
Cross, Jessica Nicole jessica.cross@noaa.gov 206-526-4146 PACIFIC MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY OAR/PMEL Contractor
Cross, Scott L scott.cross@noaa.gov 843-762-8567 NATIONAL COASTAL DATA DEVELOPMENT CENTER NESDIS/NODC/NCDDC NCDDC Regional Liaison
Crossett, Kristen M kristen.crossett@noaa.gov 301-713-3010 x204 EXTERNAL AFFAIRS BRANCH NOS/MBO/CED/EAB Communication Specialist
Crosson, Lisa lisa.crosson@noaa.gov 206-616-6341 FISH ECOLOGY DIVISION NMFS/NWFSC/FED Associate
Crosson, Scott B scott.crosson@noaa.gov 305-361-4468 SOUTHEAST FISHERIES SCIENCE CENTER NMFS/SEFSC Economist
Crotwell, Andrew andy.crotwell@noaa.gov 303-497-6494 GLOBAL MONITORING DIVISION OAR/ESRL/GMD Associate
Crotwell, Molly J molly.crotwell@noaa.gov 303-497-4728 GLOBAL MONITORING DIVISION OAR/ESRL/GMD Associate
Crouch, Garth Kevin garth.k.crouch@noaa.gov 206-526-6375 BUILDING MANAGEMENT BRANCH (SEATTLE) SO/CAO/FOD/BMB SEATTLE Contractor
Crouch, Justin A jake.crouch@noaa.gov 828-257-3014 CLIMATE MONITORING BRANCH NESDIS/NCDC/CSMD/CMB Physical Scientist
Crouch, Wes D wes.crouch@noaa.gov 813-828-3310 MAINTENANCE SECTION OMAO/AOC/MS A Aerospace Engineering Technician
Crouse, David david.crouse@noaa.gov 503-231-2001 OPERATIONS, MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION DIVISION NMFS/WCR/WCRO/OMID Associate
Crow, Diane Marie diane.m.crow@noaa.gov 405-573-3341 MAINTENANCE, LOGISTICS AND ACQUISITION DIV NWS/OOS/OD Contractor
Crow, Elen Mair elen.crow@noaa.gov 850-234-6541 PANAMA CITY BRANCH NMFS/SEFSC/SFD/PCB Contractor
Crow, Michael R mike.crow@noaa.gov 502-969-8842 x327 LOUISVILLE WFO KENTUCKY NWS/CR/WFO/LOUISVILLE KY Observation Program Leader
Crowder, David W david.crowder@noaa.gov 805-348-3227 AREA OFFICE DIVISION NMFS/WCR/WCRO/AOD Hydraulic Engineer
Crowe, Christina C christina.crowe@noaa.gov 256-890-8503 HUNTSVILLE WFO ALABAMA NWS/SR/WFO/HUNTSVILLE AL General Meteorologist
Crowe, Heiko E heiko.crowe@noaa.gov 816-823-1057 x243 WEATHER SYSTEMS REPAIR BRANCH NWS/OOS/OD/WSRB AWIPS Repair Specialist
Crowley, Harold Lee Jr harold.crowley@noaa.gov 918-832-4109 ARKANSAS-RED BASIN RFC (TULSA) OKLAHOMA NWS/SR/RFC/TULSA OK Hydrologist
Crowther, Hugh G hugh.crowther@noaa.gov 816-584-7200 x220 AVIATION OPERATIONS BRANCH NWS/AWC/AOB Meteorologist
Croxton, April Nicole april.croxton@noaa.gov 203-882-6552 BIOTECHNOLOGY BRANCH (MILFORD) NMFS/NEFSC/AED/BB Fishery Biologist
Crozier, Elisabeth G Dr lisa.crozier@noaa.gov 206-860-3395 FISH ECOLOGY DIVISION NMFS/NWFSC/FED Research Ecologist
Jones, Cynthia cynthia.cromwell@noaa.gov 301-713-0864 x143 OPERATIONS SUPPORT & PERFORMANCE MONITORING BRANCH NWS/OOS/TOC/OSPMB IT Specialist (Data Management)